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Director’s statement

The distance between the head and the heart is just fourteen inches but it can take a lifetime to get them in sync. Too often the mind is slow to accept what the heart already knows. It clings to lessons rooted in our conditioning, experiences, and environment. However, true learning is the process of unlearning and being open. QUEEN OF HEARTS is the story of a woman in crisis, Shiri Bai, who must un- learn the beliefs and values that have shaped her life and fueled her success so that she may heal. She must compel her mind to listen to her heart and go beyond the limits of her own ego. The fact that she goes to India to do this has a special meaning for me. Like many Taiwanese, one of my favorite stories growing up was JOURNEY TO THE WEST, in which the magical Monkey King ventures to India to help retrieve the Sutras so that China may be enlightened. Shiri Bai undertakes a similar journey, navigating danger and unforeseen twists. In India her mind is opened. It finally learns what her heart already knows.


Director Mei-Juin Chen

Producer’s statement

With the world’s ever-growing demand for global entertainment and multi-cultural stories, Light House’s clear and driving mission is to bring universally appealing inspirational films to light that not only transcend national boundaries but celebrate cultural differences as well.


Producer Cindy Shyu

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