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Established in Taipei in 2022, Light House Productions Limited (“Light House”) engages in film investments and productions. With the world’s ever-growing demand for quality multi-cultural entertainment, Light House’s driving mission is to bring universally appealing inspirational films to light that not only transcend national boundaries but celebrate cultural differences as well.

The founder of Light House, Cindy Shyu, was born in Taiwan, and went on to attend Taipei American School, New York University, and Georgetown University, where she received her Juris Doctorate. Combining her passions for literature, philosophy and photography, Cindy is now a full-time writer and film producer.

In 2003, Cindy founded HK Light House Productions Ltd. in Hong Kong and produced the film, THE SAGE HUNTER in 2005, which premiered in theaters in Taiwan, Hong Kong and US. The film, based on the best-selling memoirs of a real-life Taiwanese tribesman, provided a rare glimpse into the Taiwanese aboriginal experience and their desire to live harmoniously with nature. The Sage Hunter was a proud winner of the Earth Vision Award in Tokyo Global Environmental Film Festival 2006 and nominated the best children’s film in Schlingel International Film Festival in Germany. In addition, the film received critical acclaim at film festivals in Cannes, South Korea, Canada and the US.

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DEMON HUNTERS, is the world’s first Taiwan-India buddy action-comedy film. Set to begin filming late 2022, DEMON HUNTERS melds the cultures of two ancient civilizations – Taiwan and India, with a comedic twist. The film’s biracial protagonists, TOMMY and SANJAY, star as two mismatched friends who are tasked with saving the world by hunting paranormal spirits. Featuring an international cast and crew, DEMON HUNTERS transcends cultural divides to appeal to a global audience.

QUEEN OF HEARTS, a second Taiwan-India coproduction, is a 10-episode web series currently in pre-production. Adapted from Cindy’s 2004 English novel THE HEALER, QUEEN OF HEARTS takes audiences on a journey through the spiritual lessons of a Taiwanese heart surgeon, Shiri. Shiri’s husband’s suicide upends her perfectly ordered world and drives her to the brink of ruin. Seeking to reclaim her life with the help of a new age healer, Du, Shiri magically experiences her past lives in India. Journeying though the past karmic lessons, Shiri discovers a surprising truth - the cause of her misfortune lies within herself. Only by surrendering her ego and opening her heart can she break the cycle of karmic misfortune. This story is about the inner journey of a gifted healer from the mind to the heart through different lifetimes, and the awakening to the spiritual lesson of unconditional giving.

Light House actively promotes cross-regional cooperation and believes that films can promote cultural exchanges across national borders and integrate different cultures. By creating films with profound and meaningful themes, Light House seeks to inspire audiences throughout the world.

The founder of Light House,

Cindy Shyu

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