Light House Productions Limited


Established in Hong Kong in 2004, Light House Productions Limited (“Light House”) has robustly grown from a fledgling enterprise to a well-respected film production house with secondary offices in Beijing and Los Angeles. With the world’s ever-growing demand for quality Chinese and English-language entertainment, Light House’s clear and driving mission is to bring universally appealing inspirational films to light that not only transcend national boundaries but celebrate cultural differences as well.


With the completion of its first feature film THE SAGE HUNTER in 2005, Light House’s mission was brought to the fore. The film, based on the best-selling memoirs of a real-life Taiwanese tribesman, highlights the plight of the aborigines and their attempts to live harmoniously with nature. The Sage Hunter was a proud winner of the Earth Vision Award in Tokyo Global Environmental Film Festival 2006 and nominated the best children’s film in Schlingel International Film Festival in Germany. In addition, the film has received rich accolades by audiences at film festivals in Cannes, South Korea, Canada and the US.


The rave reviews received for THE SAGE HUNTER have further expanded Light House’s horizons to include a number of films currently in production, ranging from dramas to comedies to war epics. In 2017, GOLD STRUCK, an action comedy, will begin shooting. This film melds the cultures of two ancient civilizations – China and India, with hilarious results. The two unlikely heroes in this fast-paced tale are actually nerdy lab partners, a brilliant Chinese computer genius and an Indian chemistry expert. Together they are working on a top secret formula in the United States that they hope will change bronze into gold. A feast for the senses, this movie blends several different genres, from time travelling extravaganzas like Back-to-the-Future, to exaggerated martial arts, and infectious dance scenes influenced by Bollywood. GOLD STRUCK is sure to evoke suspense and roars of laughter from its audience. Expect to be drawn into the larger-than-life, thrill-a-minute chase sequences which are made all the more dramatic by the authentic period costumes.


In 2017, THE HEALER starts in pre-productions, a new age drama adapted from a novel by Cindy Shyu and written by American screenwriter Gilles Wheeler, depicts the soul lessons of an American heart surgeon fighting cancer and his own demons, will begin production. During a series of healing session, the surgeon experiences two of his past lives as an Incan shaman in 16TH CENTURY Peru when the Incan Empire was overrun by Spanish Conquistadors, and a Taoist alchemist in 19TH CENTURY China during the Eight-nation alliance invasion. Will he be able to learn his soul lesson and cure his own cancer?


Light House fully realizes that respecting the environment is important not only for its success but for the success of the film industry and the world in general as well. Therefore, this is an ideal that is fully promoted across all departments and collaborations, ensuring that the films Light House brings to light truly inspire.


For continued future prosperity, Light House will build on its firm foundations by aggressively bringing the best in their respective areas of expertise to the fold so as to further strengthen its presence domestically and internationally.